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Avant LZ30p Cold Laser System

Part Number Avant-LZ30p
Avant LZ30p Cold Laser System
Avant LZ30p Cold Laser System
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The new Avant LZ30p provides an unparalleled balance of features when compared to a other popular models like the ML830 and the Erchonia. With the LZ30, you get more power, more flexibility and a longer warranty for less than any competing lasers. The LZ30 has over 9 times the power of the ML830 and over 4 times the power level of an Erchonia laser system. The LZ30 is the only cold laser with automatic power control that sells for less than $6500 (Medilaser).

The Avant come from the factory with presets to address 90% of the standard protocols but it also allow for total customization of every variable using a micro-joy-stick controller on the top of the device or using the standard standard USB interface. New users can easily step through pre-defined protocols, favorites, and advanced features using the micro-joy-stick controller. For advance users, the device allow users to create and maintain a set of favorites (protocols for treating special problems). This list can be accessed using the joy-stick or by mounting the laser to a PC as a USB drive.

The LZ30 allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweep operation with power levels of 900mw at 808nm (infrared) and up to and 190mw at 637nm (red). This allows practitioners and users the same level of control as many of the most expensive cold lasers on the market."

Avant hand heldThis industrial design includes an aluminum anodized body with a soft rubber grip to make the product easy to control. The device is solidly built and perfectly balanced so it feels good in your hand. The compact size (just 1 inch x 1 inch x 4-1/2 inches) makes it easy to transport and use on any part of the body. No other cold laser on the market packs this level of power and control into such a compact size.

This product was created for professionals but can be purchased for home use without a prescription.

The LZ30 offers:

  • Standard 900mW of at 808 nanameter wavelength plus up to 50mW at 637 nm
  • The perfect balance of power and safety (Class 3B)
  • Programmable continuous, pulsed and sweep pulsing output modes
  • Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundred of protocols.
  • An internal feedback mechanism ensures that the laser is providing a consistent power output. This is a feature usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.
  • Maximum flexibility using the included USB cable. Create and maintain your favorites and presets on you PC by mounting your LZ30 as a USB drive on your PC.
  • Highly portable compact design
  • Cordless operation using Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Includes a hard case and safety goggles

It includes a 3 year warranty. No body beats Avant and ColdLasers.Org for customer support. We will beat any ones price on this product.

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