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RG1000i Veterinary Dual Emitter Cold Laser System

Part Number RG1000i
RG1000i Veterinary Dual Emitter Cold Laser System
RG1000i Veterinary Dual Emitter Cold Laser System
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ColdLasers.Org is happy to finally be able to offer a lower cost animal only (Non-FDA cleared) laser for use on pets and horses. The GL500 and GL1000 cold laser systems offer many of the features of higher-end systems including:

         Adjustable power up to 500mW at 810nm on the GL500 or up to 1000mW (dual emitters) on the GL1000

         Each emitter is surrounded by 6 red (635nm) LEDs similar to more expensive systems like the TerraQuant, Apollo, Chattanooga and Thor.

         Research has shown that 810nm is the most efficient wavelength for pushing the energy down deep where it can be converted into chemical energy and not wasting energy on heating the tissue

         User programmable pulsing and continuous wave output

         Separate controller with backlight display and light weight emitter(s)

         Programmable treatment time

         Emergency shutoff switch

         Ergonomically designed button shaped emitter fits in the palm of your hand making it perfect for stroking an animal during the therapy. This makes is easy to point the laser away from the animals face so they donít need glasses.

         Includes 1 pair of safety glasses for the operator


Most of the similar priced systems are either a fraction of the power, super-low-power LED technology, are illegal imports from groups that plans to disappear as soon as the authorities come knocking, they are not optimized for laser therapy (flashlight style lasers) or all of the above.  In all these cases, they are a potentially high-risk purchase that might help but has a good probability of producing poor or no results.


These fly-by-night laser companies typically do not come with any significant support or instructions on how to use the system. Like all products on ColdLasers.Org, the GL500 and GL1000 come with a complete animal protocol library from Laser-Therapy.Us. This online library includes step-by-step cookbook style treatment plans for all the most common dog and equine therapies.



With 2 different wavelengths and up to 1000mW of power, these systems have similar spec to system costing as much as $18,000. The GL500 and GL1000 might not have all the features of these more expensive system but the return on your investment with an average charge of $40 per therapy session is only 50 to 70 sessions. That might be one of the best ROIs that you get on any equipment and your customer will love the results they get from this system.


Home Use

If you have had your horse or pet treated with a laser at the veterinarianís office or barn, you know that animals often make a big change in their behavior after just a few treatments. There is no possibility of a placebo effect in animals with cold laser therapy so you know when your dog can jump up on the couch for the first time in months that the laser is helping your dog live a more pain free and happy life. If you have a long term need for laser therapy, this system can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours dragging your pet in for routine laser therapy.


For those that want even more power, the GL1000 system includes 2 emitters and a splitter that plugs into the standard controller. In some cases, the emitter can be strapped to the leg of a horse or dog for longer treatments. You can also use one emitter in each hand for faster treatment times or higher dosages. If you compare this system to other systems with 1000mW of laser power at 810nm, you wonít find another system with this level of support, quality, and spec for anywhere near this price. 

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