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TerraQuant/MR4 SE25 Standard Emitter (Only)

Part Number TQ-SE25
TerraQuant/MR4 SE25 Standard Emitter (Only)
TerraQuant/MR4 SE25 Standard Emitter (Only)
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Our standard emitter for TerraQuant® devices

  • Combines light types for maximum impact
  • Coverage area 4 cm2 (1.1 in^2)
  • 1 GaA super pulsed laser
  • 4 infrared emitting diodes
  • 4 red light emitting diodes
  • 25,000 mW of Super Pulsed Laser Power
  • Compatible with laserpuncture muscle trigger probes (optional)
  • 2 year warranty

The SE-25 synergistically combines red light, infrared red light, static magnetic field and the fastest super pulsed laser in the world to provide complete spectral irradiance. The most versatile and powerful of the single laser diode emitters, the super pulsed laser produces 25W of peak laser power.

The design of the emitter allows for the use of hand free application via the emitter armature (sold separately) and the lens is removable to allow sterilization and the use of additional acupuncture probes (sold separately) to change power density and spot diameter to suit a wide variety of conditions and situations without the purchase of additional emitters.
Feature: 20
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